Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is a high-end business hotel aimed at discerning guests.

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers has been named Denmark’s most sustainable hotel and everything from the décor through to architecture and service provision is based on innovative solutions that take into account both the environment and the hotel guests.

For example, the exterior of the hotel is covered in solar panels generating roughly 10% of the hotel's annual energy consumption, and Denmark’s first ground water-based cooling and heating system is located underneath the hotel. In the system, ground water meets air and the temperature difference between the elements make it possible to cool the hotel in the summer and store the thermal energy underground and use it for heating in winter. Thanks to this system, Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers’ energy consumption is 70% smaller than that of similar hotels.

The hotel’s eateries are no exception in regards to prioritizing and choosing sustainable solutions. In the summer of 2017 the food waste reducing initiative ‘Treatbox’ was introduced in restaurant BARK, while restaurant Storm and Orango Coffee’s added focus on using organic produce was recently acknowledged with The Organic Cuisine Label in silver.

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers demonstrates that it certainly is possible to combine good business with a socially responsible approach.